Techie Amigos is a tech product company operating in the technology domain of Blockchain, IoT and AI. Techie Amigos was formed out of love and passion for disruptive technologies and to make them simpler and economical. We want to solve real and complex problems with simple solutions, which are easy to scale, easy to adopt financially and operationally.

Technical Consulting

Techie Amigos work with organisations and help them solve complex problems. We help define, design, develop and deliver solutions tailor made for the organisation's specific need. We also provide continued support for the product built or solution provided by us.

Mobile apps

If you are not engaging your customers on mobile apps today then you are losing them. Techie Amigos help mobilize the legacy systems for organizations so that they can better engage, serve their customers with critical information on the go.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI has a huge potential and a greater role to play in transforming organisations for solving problems and unleashing growth. Techie Amigos has built AI powered products and solution for various clients in multiple domain solving variety of problems


Techie Amigos can help define your blockchain strategy right from the pilot to full adoption. Our team helps asses, train, define and execute Blockchain strategies at the pilot level and at full production level.


Techie Amigos helps organization employ IoT technologies to enhance growth, process optimization and better resource utilization.

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AI is going to change the way we do business

AI is still in its infancy and there is a great deal of products and services that would be incorporating it in some shape and form before it actually starts making the difference at a tangible rate. Having said that, industries are already testing out their products and services based on AI in order to not to miss the new wave of opportunities. AI has existed from a very long time but the way it can be used today in different field has sort of open up the new possibilities. if you have kept yourself updated with the recent developments around you and if you have been paying attention we are already interacting with AI enabled services such as chat bots, intelligent ad serving, intuitive searches etc and the trials of autonomous vehicles. One of the most important aspect of your business that can be imensenly benefits out of the new AI based products is your sales and HR department. New age AI based CRM systems are not only helping sales managers with more accurate sales pipeline forecasting but they are also ready to do the job of your front line team and thats your email campaign team. Get in touch with us today to know what we are doing with AI in the CRM and LMS space.

Blockchain is disrupting food traceability

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the food and agriculture sectors by enhancing the decision-making capabilities of organizations. Consumers trust in food products has gone down significantly in last several years. Rising concern of food safety among consumers has increased the demand of supply chain traceability. Techie Amigos traceability and supply chain management platform based on Blockchain and IoT is helping companies implement farm to fork traceability and bring more transparency to their supply chain. it is fully scalable, customizable and integrable to the existing ERPs and supply chain management softwares. Some of the product features include product traceability, tracking and visibility, payment and settlement, smart contract, governance, risk, and compliance management. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you bring traceability to your supply chain

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